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Mar 01

Impulse Buying

I’m not normally someone who buys stuff even semi-impulsively. However yesterday I broke that trend – at least temporarily – and brought a DVD HDD Recorder.


The DVDR520H has an 80GB hard drive and has all the normal features you’d expect from one of these beasts.

We’ve been thinking for quite a while about getting one of these. It’s amazing how many times you miss having a VCR when you don’t have one. So, with home group*1 starting on Monday, and with the prospect of missing three hours of enjoyable television, the decision needed to be made.

We’d also seen these in The Appliance Shed (Porana Road) for what I considered a good price ($499), so we decided to go ahead with it. It hasn’t got the biggest hard drive, but I don’t really care as we can always store stuff on the computer (or DVD’s).

Problems? Installing was a bit of a hassle. It has to be connected to the sky box by an aerial connection (despite it having the normal plug inputs) and the menus were a bit complicated, but I got there. Also, when I turned it all on (sky, tv and DVDR) this morning, the DVDR had lost the sky signal so I had to retune it. This could be a problem if I have to do it every day. I guess we’ll see.

So the theory is, my life is no longer controlled by the tv, now I control the tv!

Ok, Megan controls the tv.

*1 – Church event where groups of about ten people get together to socialise and conduct bible study

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