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Apr 11

ControlMK Guide

Over the weekend I needed to set up a ControlMK profile. Upon searching for info on how to do this, I found I couldn’t find anything. Eventually I worked it out, and while it wasn’t that hard, I’d like to save people some time.

Essentially it’s a three step process.

(1) Determine what button (on the keyboard or mouse) you want to set. This can be done by referring to the options in your game and seeing what key is set. For instance, in most fps games ‘w’ is set to ‘move forward’. Now that we know that the key is ‘w’, we can proceed.

(2) Determine what button (on the controller) you want to assign this to. To do this, open the setup software for the controller (XBCD setup utility in case of the XBCD drivers). Hopefully the software will have an area where upon pressing the button (e.g. forward on the direction controller) a bar or button on the screen will light up (or move).

In the case of analogue movement sticks, these are along an axis, so you need to determine their direction, and their name. For instance if when you push the stick forward, the bar labelled ‘x’ moves up, then this would correspond to X in ControlMK and if it moved down, it would correspond to X-. Make sense? Hopefully. Let’s continue.

(3) With those two crucial pieces of information in hand, you can proceed to ControlMK. From the first dropdown, select your controller. From the second dropdown, select your controller. From the third dropdown, select your con… Sorry, drifting off there. From the third dropdown select a profile or create a new one by typing a name and creating it using the button on the right.

You should now have a list of controls in the middle of the screen. In the example above, you will want to find the option for X . Once you have found it, simply click on it, and a new windown will pop up.

In the dropdown, select the control that you want X to map to. In our case it’s ‘w’ so you need to select ‘w’. Close this window and save your profile. You should now find that if you open notepad (or any text editor)(and have Control MK open) and press your analogue stick forward, a string of w’s should fly across the screen.

Now all you have to do is repeat that process for every key you need for the game. Any questions? Post them as comments and I’ll attempt to answer them.

Edit: If you’ve been able to create a working profile for a game, feel free to send it to me with any details you want published on this post, and we’ll be happy to share it with other grateful users.



Beyond Good and Evil (Playstation Controller Through USB) by Lynn
Half Life 2 (Playstation Controller Through USB) by Lynn
Fable (Playstation Controller Through USB) by Lynn, comments “The Fable key mapping was hard since they used so many keys. The number pad may still have to be used when the items, expressions, etc don’t pop up automatically under the F1, F2 and F3 keys”
Fear (Xbox Controller through USB) by Oli (see below for comment).

Please send us your profiles.


Markworth’s XB360 Controller FPS Profile – This is a collection of XBCD profile files that will enable you to play Tremor (Q1), Quake 2, Quake 3, DeusEx, and Doomsday (jDoom et al) if you’re using the XBCD drivers. See here for more info.


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  1. Yaks

    This was the single handedly the most helpful piece on the entire net on how to get custom controls in games that do not natively support a controller. Thank you Pete and Megan, and also thank you Markworth for the FPS Profiles. w00t !!

  2. Pete

    No worries, it was a simple post to write, and it’s great to know that it’s helping people out. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Oli

    Thanks for this great article. Ive been quite confused since buying an Xbox > USB adapter, but since reading this 15minutes ago, im now enjoying FEAR on a whole new level. Thought i would share my Profile with you and whoever else visits.


    Only basic controls, but gives a good starting point.

    Thanks once again

  4. Pete

    Thanks Oli for your feedback and for the profile. Fear’s a pretty popular game, so I’m sure others will find it useful.

  5. michael

    hay gus tryin to find a profile for battlefield 2 for use with usb xbox controller been tryin to make one but its hard if any one can help please contact me


    thanks 🙂

  6. EddieHunt

    okay i configure my buttons but theres only one problem like the controls are messed up or something because when i go into Need For Speed Most Wanted and push the button RT to accelerate it doesnt do anything. and when i push A it accelerates and Handbreaks…. so its like sliding the car inches… im not sure whats wrong…. and my n2o doesnt work…. what might be wrong?

  7. Pete

    Hi Eddie. I haven’t encountered that problem, but could it be because you have two sets of drivers installed? It sounds like maybe the buttons are conflicting with something. So if not drivers, perhaps there are some in-game control pad settings that have been set that need to be deactivated? That’s all I can think of, let me know how you go.

  8. Thiago

    How do I bind “enter” key on my gamepad?
    I din’t find it in contorllMK

  9. Pete

    Are you using the XBCD drivers? If so, you should be able to follow this guide step by step. If not, then I’m not sure.

  10. gorgar75

    can make one for call of dutty 4..please

  11. Pete

    Gorgar, is there a part of the guide you don’t understand? Why can’t you make your own?

  12. brian

    I have two questions

    1) When I’m using the mouse before I start playing a game it works perfectly but when I begin to play if i tap it right it starts to float in the direction. How do I fix that?

    2) How do you program controls into the d pad?

  13. Pete

    Hi Brian.

    I’m not 100% sure what you mean with (1). But if you’re mapping the mouse to an analogue controller, then people often find that it is too sensitive so even when you’re not pressing it, it will move right. Turn down the sensitivity in XBCD if this is the case.

    (2) You could be able to do it as described by pressing the key and observing what it is mapped to in XBCD. The only button on the Xbox 360 Controller which can’t be mapped in this way is the Xbox button.

    Hope that helps.


  14. brian

    Well what I mean but floating mouse is that if I barely tap the joystick to the right it doesn’t simply stop. It keeps going and floating in that same direction. I had already turned down the sensitivity and that wasn’t the problem.

    Another problem also popped up when I was using control mk for kotor. I could not use my controller to play it. I could use my controller as a mouse for my computer just fine but when I opened the game menu it became inactive. when I closed the game menu it began to work again. I don’t know if you might be able to help me on this one but I’ll give it a shot.

  15. Pete

    Sorry, I haven’t played KOTOR. Perhaps the game has it’s own system for mapping a controller, so is supressing the inputs. On the other issue I don’t have any other ideas, sorry.

  16. Aaron

    Ok I know I’m an idiot when it comes to computers but when i test the dpad it lights up the Point of View Hat section wherever I point. I’ve already mapped all of the other keys on control mk. So where would I map the point of view hat?

  17. charlie

    Is there anyway to slow down the button pressing
    For example: When i set butt x to the letter “w” and i go into notepad, press x
    then w’s fly across the screen, anyway to set it to sensitize and just put one w per push, etc…?

    answer to previous post, i believe enter is set as “selector” key

  18. Doruk

    I open ControlMK and it recognises my gamepad,i made a profile for devil may cry 3 but in middle of screen nothing’s shown. nothing there i cant set controls. please help me

  19. Alex

    This really helped me a lot
    But i can’t find the selector key

  20. doruk

    I open ControlMK and it recognises my gamepad,i made a profile for devil may cry 3 but in middle of screen nothing’s shown. nothing there i cant set controls. please help me

  21. Pete

    Have you selected your gamepad from the dropdowns?

  22. Alex

    Well i found a way to ignore the selector key problem but i can’t have the “Ctrl” to work. Please help

  23. Alex

    The enter key in controlmk is vk_return (i think)

  24. Pete

    All the keys are available. I don’t have it installed on this PC so I can’t tell you where it is, but look for something with ctrl in the title, it should be there.

  25. doruk

    Pete:[Have you selected your gamepad from the dropdowns?]
    yes i selected my gamepad from each dropdowns.ı activated it. i made a profile but theres nothing on middle of screen. just gray space.

  26. doruk

    This is my controlmk screen please help me.whats wrong?


  27. doruk

    These are from log file.

    Failed to create device: The device or device instance is not registered with DirectInput. This value is equal to the REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG standard COM return value.

    Failed to set coop level: The device or device instance is not registered with DirectInput. This value is equal to the REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG standard COM return value.

    Failed to set data format: The device or device instance is not registered with DirectInput. This value is equal to the REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG standard COM return value.

    Failed to acquire device: The device or device instance is not registered with DirectInput. This value is equal to the REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG standard COM return value.

    Failed to set data format: An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function, or the object was not in a state that permitted the function to be called. This value is equal to the E_INVALIDARG standard COM return value.

  28. Pete

    Do you have XBCD installed? I don’t think it’s supposed to be a prereq, but I use it, so I can’t really give you any advice other than my setup. Otherwise the only think I can think to do would be to google those error messages from the log and reinstall the drivers for your gamepad.

  29. Zoka

    Clear, funny and working guide, thank you soo much!

  30. Sam

    I am using Control Mk for Oblivion on my pc. using Logitec pc controller.
    Problem, make a new profile that game before i set any button commands so it’s blank. the controller already has default commands like, open menu, sneak, attack ect. all in the wrong places. when i put in new commands for the buttons it does the default command and new command at the same time.
    Can’t get rid of default button commands

  31. Joe

    i have a problem…
    i set the keys and everything on control mk and it works perfectly
    wen i open a fullscreen program such as counterstrike and try to play with my ps3 controller, the buttons dont respond anymore
    please help me out with my problem…

  32. peter

    do you play call od dutty? put the controlers of call of dutty in controlmk here in the site please

  33. Nolan

    Hey Pete I tried to create a profile on controlmk and everything seemed to be going smoothly but when I tried the test (opening notepad and hitting the analog stick up) nothing happened. No string of w’s followed. I realized I needed to download XBCD and did so and uninstalled the previous driver for my Xbox controller and I THINK I installed XBCD as the new driver. I may not have done this step correctly but if I didn’t, I’m not sure how to do so. If you could, can you show me how?
    Or is it possible for controlmk to function with just the default driver for the Xbox 360 controller installed?

    Thanks for making this guide!

  34. Albert

    Is there a way to map multiple keys to the same button? Like make “Hat Switch D-R” use “VK_DOWN” and “VK_RIGHT” at the same time? ControlMK seems to lack this, and that makes it a real pain when playing 2D games.

  35. Brandon

    Hey, this is a noob question, but I use my wired 360 controller on my PC and use the Microsoft 360 Controller Driver. I looked for a while, but where is the official XBCD for 360 controller driver site? I want to switch to that because playing San Andreas and some other games are frustrating because of the Triggers being mapped as the Z-Axis.

  36. jessi

    i would know is there some body that has mw2 configuration pls

  37. Herbert

    I am trying to figure out how to get the AV8R joystick to work with Blazing Angels 1 and later 2. I am very new to this mapping a joystick thing, so I am totally confused on how this works. Anyone already done this I can copy?

  38. Zach

    Hey I have all my buttons mapped and the axis’ mapped to the sticks. But I have 2 problems)
    1) I have the mouse mapped to my right stick, if works but when i stop moving the stick, the mouse keeps going.
    2) I can’t figure out how to map the d pad controls

    Any help?!

  39. warren williams

    Hey I have a stupid question. I am using my xbox 360 and this software to program a robotic arm I am building.

    you can see it here: http://www.instructables.com/id/6-AXIS-ROBOTIC-ARM/

    Is there a way for this program to auto launch and load the config file i wrote. mine doesnt seem to load my file when i start the software via windows auto launch. is there a setting i missed or default file or some such other thing here?


  40. berserk

    im playing a game called elsword its a 2d game and its so confusing trying to fix keys, im not very smart can someone help me??? im using a ps3 controller so if anyone can help tell me

  41. Mangalis

    There isn’t keys for keyboard in that list.
    i can only choose to move mouse (Move_mouse_x_pos etc.)
    and left, middle, and right mouse click!
    I need to controll the keyboard!

  42. Mangalis

    I can only assign mouse controls i can not select keyboard! Help!

  43. Fco Jose

    when I press a button that you press many times the same order. how I can do that only once the order check?. if I press “1” this out many times, “1111111”, and I just want to leave once

  44. Kostas

    i’m not understanding this at all.

  45. James

    I’ve made multiple profiles, because i play many different games, but when i select for example: minecraft profile, other profiles remain active, so when i click jump it also places block…etc.

  46. Jack Wiser

    WHAT? this is the easy part! how do you get to the point where you can assign keys!?!?!?!?!?!

  47. Jonathan

    How do I map the right analog stick? It doesn’t appear to be working. I don’t see a option to emulate mouse movement for the z axis.

  48. fritz e schmidt

    I was a happy user of controlMK until windows 10 was thrust on me.
    Now it quits when I go into game ( Skyrim )
    is there any help>?
    Thank you

  1. peteandmegan.com » FlatOut 2: My Thoughts

    […] The menus were good, however my gripe here is that they are completely unable to be controlled by a controller (in my case my Xbox 360 Controller for Windows).  I could have opened ControlMK and mapped the keys to the controls, but that would have been a nuisance.  Especially since they handled controller support very well, and should have included control of the menus in the same way as Need for Speed: Carbon did. […]

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