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Sep 11

SAP Web Assessment Answers

Unlike the certification exam, I didn’t see any restrictions to copying and publishing the questions to this web assessment. I’ll be happy to ‘cease and desist’ if anyone from SAP wants me to.

These answers apply to the Level 1 Qualification for SAP All In One Solution Consultants. The caveat here is that I only got 87% in the assessment, so there are ten wrong answers in there somewhere.

However feel free to use it as you like.

SAP Web Assessment Answers


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  1. Leif

    Web Assessment for One SAP Sales Methodology

    Could you please email me this?
    Please send to email address leifwin8@gmail.com. Really appreciate your help!

  2. Mike


    i need your help please. Could you send me the answers of the web Assessment for SAP S/4HANA for Presales Consultant.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Rafael Mota


    Could you please send to me the answers? I really need it, thanks in advance

    Have a nice day

    Kind Regards

    Rafael Mota

  4. Rafael Mota

    Hi again,

    My email is: rafa_mota04@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance

    Have a perfect day

    Kind Regards

    Rafael Mota

  5. Vinnie

    Appreciate if you could please send me the Answers

  6. Vinnie

    Here is my email Address – sap_mm@yahoo.com

  7. Delorom

    Anyone can help me to get the answers for Hybris Level 1 Sales Executive Qualification pleaseeee!!!
    Please send me an email: d.seisebaeva@gmail.com

  8. Kipega

    Please send me the answers.
    My email is kipega8@gmail.com

  9. Michael

    Maybe answers for Q_Supp_2 are available please send to m.willner@web.de

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Ahmed

    Please share me the answers of PRODAGTTSALESINTRO I will be very thankful awaiting your swift response

  11. Ben

    Could you send me the answers of the web Assessment for Q_SUPP_2 Please?
    send to : xiben142@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  12. Gretchens Pérez Vallejos

    Please send me the answers of EXAM PRODS4PRESALES. email me gretchensperez@gmail.com… I would really appreciate your help.

  13. Edmundo


    Can you send me the answers to the web assessment PRODS4PRESALES.


  14. Jazmín

    Woud you help me with the answers please, at the mail: jmeza.loto@gmail.com

    Thank you in advanced


  15. essabmok

    Hello Pete

    Many thanks if you can help me to get the answers of the WEB Assessment for Q_SUPP_2 :

  16. dd


    Can you send me the answers to the web assessment PRODS4PRESALES.


  17. Andrew


    Could you send me answers for Web Assessment for Level 1 | Sales Executive & Presales Consultants| SAP HANA, please?

    It will be very helpful to me.

    Thank you!

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