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Dec 17

Gripshift Coming to PS3

In huge news for New Zealand developer Sidhe Interactive (pronounced “she” interactive), Gripshift, their original IP game for the PSP is going to be available on the PS3 through the Playstation Online network.

The game received mixed reviews, but was reasonably high profile for an original game from a small kiwi outfit. They’ve also made Rugby League, Rugby League 2 and horse racing game, Melbourne Cup Challenge (aka Frank Dettori racing). They’re also working on the Jackass game.

I’m quite certain that Gripshift won’t be for everyone, however it will have it’s fans, and hopefully the respective online arenas for Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 will be a great outlet for quality New Zealand made games, which often struggle to get to market.

You may also be interested in checking this video from a current affairs show in New Zealand. It focusses mostly on Melbourne Cup Challenge and the Jackass game, but also has some shots of Gripshift.


  1. Jos

    Thanks Pete – there is also a video up on http://www.control-freaks.tv/ which shows quite a lot of game play footage.

  2. Pete

    Cheers Jos.

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