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Jan 08

Guitar Hero “U2 Version”

Having moved from playing Guitar Hero in shops, to playing it at a friend’s house, I’m a step closer to buying it (the main issue being that I don’t own a console to play it on).

It’s always been a puzzle to me why there have been so few (if any) U2 songs in the games. So I went to google.

Turns out there is a rumour of a Guitar Hero “U2 Version”.

After reading through February’s EGM, I noticed a little tidbit about a rumored Guitar Hero sequel featuring a band that “rocks in mysterious ways”. Give up?

Think 1991. Think Achtung Baby. It can only be U2.

EGM was right about Guitar Hero Rock the 80s, so Guitar Hero U2 Edition might really be in the works. If there’s been one band that I’ve been waiting to see in Guitar Hero (or Rock Band) it is hands down, U2.

This made my heart beat a little faster. If this happened, it would totally be a system seller for me. Bring it on.


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  1. Megan

    Interesting… Now I know what I’m looking out for for Christmas next year!

  2. Pete

    There may be a present giving opportunity before December (May, hint hint). Though games wouldn’t normally be out that quickly, given it hasn’t even been officially announced.

  3. caleb

    I think a U2 guitar hero is an awesome idea. They’re a legendary band, and their guitarist, The Edge, uses mostly Gibson guitars, the brand of guitars used in the Guitar Hero franchise. The game might even appeal to a whole new group of gamers, who don’t want to play a game with a majority of metal songs.

  4. Ryan

    U2 is my favorite band. I would love it if they came out with Guitar Hero U2 or whatever. But there has to be other bands in the game. Or just keep making different band based guitar heros. They have aerosmith, so make a U2 one. Make others like pink floyd or whoever. If u dont like them, then dont buy it. Wait for the next one to come out.

  5. Pete

    Yeah, I actually think having other bands in the game make it more interesting as long as they’re related. Like having a couple of BB King songs and bands that have opened for them…

    I can understand people that say that the model should just be downloadable content based, but I still want guitar hero or rock band u2…

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