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Jul 05

A Gaming Weekend

My back’s a little sore at the moment, so I’ve been making the most of an excuse not to get out in the garden during the precious hours when Liv’s asleep.

Hence I had a pretty slack weekend and probably ended up playing more PS3 games in a weekend than ever before…

Friday night Megan was out with a friend and I played a little bit of Wipeout HD and Resistance 2.  I got Wipeout HD free with Playstation + (which I bought essentially because I’m one of the apparently very rare individuals who haven’t played Wipeout HD and Little Big Planet (and want to)) and I’m really enjoying it, though some of the levels seem fairly challenging.

On Saturday I ended up finishing Resistance 2 after really enjoying it.  I had ditched Resistance 1 having not played it, but kept Resistance 2 at the advice of a friend Rob.  It didn’t engage me as much as other shooters but I would have it on my ‘should play’ list.

On Saturday I also played Rock Band with some friends, which is always good (almost violent disagreement on the quality of one song aside).

Sunday kicked off with a too early morning (despite making my poor wife get up to our young’un).   At the decided sleep-in ending time, Liv wanders in and in a single breath and about two seconds tells me; “Get up, clothes on, shoes on, toast on.”  I think the world’s loudest, shrillest alarm clock would have seemed less intense, but I’m not complaining.

Anyway, later on in the rainy afternoon I played some Skate 2 (almost finished with all the single player achievements (I’m trying to get 100%)) and in the evening I roped Megan into playing Little Big Planet cooperatively.

This turned out to be a great move.  I knew that if I could get Megan through the early stages, she would get into it as she had spent many many hours obsessing over New Super Mario Bros. on the DS.  Co-op is great fun because essentially only one of you actually has to get through an obstacle.  Once you get through and past a checkpoint, the other play can just spawn from the checkpoint.   We were finding quite often that one of us (Meg included) would get through and the other one couldn’t.  This takes a lot of the frustration out of games like this.

It’s also rare that Megan and I have chances to cooperate in the real world on the same task (most tasks are distributed individually) so it was fun to work together.

So while many of my readers will be thinking, “What a waste of time,” I will choose to use the age old excuse for gamers, “It’s better use of my time than watching Coronation Street”.

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