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Category Archive: UT 2007

Oct 30

Gears of War Trailer: Stunning

Someone recommended I watch the Gears of War trailer today. Wow. Sadly, it’s only coming for the 360, but if those graphics are in-game, then you microsoft junkies are definitely in for some fun. I guess one of the bonuses of a console is that if those are in-game graphics, then you know that if …

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Sep 06

Unreal 2007 & Battlefield 2142 New Zealand Release Dates

I was checking out the new trailer for Unreal 2007 just before, and decided to check release dates for my next two FPS purchases. Unreal Tournament 2007 gpstore is saying 2nd March (damn that’s a long time away) for Unreal 2007. At least it gives me time to try and decide if I’m chucking some …

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Aug 21

UT 2007 Delayed till 2007

The sad news is out (well actually it was quite a while ago) that Unreal Tournament 2007 is being delayed till 2007. While that may not sound surprising, the community (and p&m) had been expecting it’s release in the fourth quarter of 2006. Now they’re saying it it should arrive in the ‘first half’ of …

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May 22

E3 Shakedown

This month I’m over my bandwidth limit, so am restricted from some of the joys of the internet. Therefore, it’s only now (at work) that I’m taking some interest in E3. Welcome to my morning: 9am: Coffee and cabel. There were a few interesting videos and pics here. Saw a couple of Wii games and …

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May 02

FPS Release Date Update

I was wonderin how we’re tracking for the release dates of my big three games of this year; Unreal 2007, Quake Wars and Battlefield 2142. Unreal 2007 Gamespot: Q4 2006 EBGames: October 2nd 2006 Quake Wars Gamespot: Q3 2006 EB Games: September 5th 2006 Walmart: September 5th 2006 Battlefield 2142 Gamespot: Q4 2006 I have …

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Apr 04

Goliath Demo

I’ve decided that there’s not a huge amount written on the web about the NZ Gaming scene. So as far as it’s possible, I’ve decided to try and orient our gaming coverage in this direction. For budding young game developers, it would appear that the Media Design School in Auckland is the number one choice, …

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