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Category Archive: Kids

Mar 17

Will the Next Generation of Kiwis Opt Out of Home Ownership?

Auckland Housing Prices (Average Selling Price)

I’ve been on a bit of financial planning binge over the last several months. This was prompted by a bunch of books I’ve been reading including the books from the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ series and a bunch of investment books (including shares, bonds and property). Meanwhile there has been a house price spike in …

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Jan 01

Gran Turismo Spec B, Made for Dad’s

At the moment the very early hours of the new year (3am) find me playing Gran Turismo. It’s a great game, the graphics are awesome, the physics feel realistic and there’s an insane amount of content, but what I really want to talk about is Spec B which I’m ‘playing’ at the moment. For those …

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Dec 03

A New Addition

Apologies for those who missed out on last night’s email, here’s the gist: As you may have guessed from the subject, we’ve got a new member of our family, Natalie Jane Corin, born this afternoon after a six and a half hour labour (not counting the two weeks spent in the hospital beforehand).  She weighed …

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Sep 02

Partying it Up

I would like to apologise in advance for recording the events of last night which our friends may not want in the public arena, but it has to be recorded for posterity and to be read with mirth in twenty years time. Last night we had our homegroup over for dinner and ‘hanging out’ (that …

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Jun 25

Relativism in Liv’s Relationships

Mum (Meg): Isn’t Daddy the best Daddy in the whole world? Liv: Yes Dad (Pete): Really? Is he better than Dean? (Reuben and Finn’s Dad) Liv: No Dad: Is he better than Dale (Tom’s Dad) Liv: No Mum: So who is he better than? Liv: Mum Lolz ensue.