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Jan 01

Gran Turismo Spec B, Made for Dad’s

At the moment the very early hours of the new year (3am) find me playing Gran Turismo. It’s a great game, the graphics are awesome, the physics feel realistic and there’s an insane amount of content, but what I really want to talk about is Spec B which I’m ‘playing’ at the moment. For those …

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Dec 03

A New Addition

Apologies for those who missed out on last night’s email, here’s the gist: As you may have guessed from the subject, we’ve got a new member of our family, Natalie Jane Corin, born this afternoon after a six and a half hour labour (not counting the two weeks spent in the hospital beforehand).  She weighed …

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Oct 02

Sony Playstation Move AU/NZ Shortage Confirmed

I was hoping to pick up a Playstation Move Starter Pack last week, but to no avail, turns out everyone is sold out. I sent a frustrated tweet to Sony and got this reply: @petecorin PlayStation Aus & NZ wide has a shortage. We’re in the same boat in that SCE cannot supply our backorders …

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Sep 07

Auckland Local Elections: My Voting Options

6th October 2010 – Vote Today!  Today is the last day to send back your voting papers.  Most mailboxes (in my experience) are cleared by 5pm, so make sure you get them in before then. There also turns out to be some other voting options, you can deliver your papers in person to: The Electoral …

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Sep 02

Partying it Up

I would like to apologise in advance for recording the events of last night which our friends may not want in the public arena, but it has to be recorded for posterity and to be read with mirth in twenty years time. Last night we had our homegroup over for dinner and ‘hanging out’ (that …

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Aug 24

U2 Bringing ‘the Claw’ to Auckland in 2010

Update (17/11): Lots of people seem to be looking for the start times related to the U2 concerts.  Thanks to Maxx (public transport looks to be a great way to get to the concert) we have the details.  The gates open at 4:30pm, Jay-z will hit the stage at 7:30pm and U2 will rock the …

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