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Category Archive: New Stuff

Oct 07

Virtual Savings Accounts by Kaha.biz

For a long time now I have been frustrated by the financial situation of wanting to have savings accounts so that I can keep my savings separate from my mortgage (e.g. saving for a holiday or a new gadget) but knowing that it’s a stupid thing to do financially since the interest rates are lower …

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Mar 25


Just thought that I’d post some photos … Pete and I having dinner by the river in Singapore after spending the day at Sentosa Island. Newcastles beautiful bridges. Our flat in the snow! The historic ruins of Tynemouth castle which is just a short walk from our flat.

Jan 30

Exciting Purchases

Pretty much since we purchased our house we’ve been saving money for an overseas holiday. About six months ago I did a ‘back of the envelope’ calculation of how much it would cost us for a holiday and determined it would be around about $15,000 (including everything, e.g. mortgage payments etc). Despite our best efforts, …

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Apr 06

Recent Demo Reviews

I was planning on writing full reviews (with screenshots) for each of these demos, but given that I’ve fallen behind, I’m lazy and google hates me, I’m going to jam them altogether. On that note, I’m seriously PO’d by google. Yahoo and MSN have fully indexed the site, but despite my emphatic cooperation with google …

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Apr 03

Getting excited

The Xbox 360 Demo Console (below) didn’t manage to sell me an Xbox 360. It did however manage to sell me on the controller. After much soul searching (and consultation with my better half) I decided to pick one up for NZ$60.94 (incl shipping and GST). Why you may ask? That’s a good question. Freedom. …

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Mar 01

Impulse Buying

I’m not normally someone who buys stuff even semi-impulsively. However yesterday I broke that trend – at least temporarily – and brought a DVD HDD Recorder. The DVDR520H has an 80GB hard drive and has all the normal features you’d expect from one of these beasts. We’ve been thinking for quite a while about getting …

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