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Category Archive: Pete’s Wish List

Jan 08

Guitar Hero “U2 Version”

Having moved from playing Guitar Hero in shops, to playing it at a friend’s house, I’m a step closer to buying it (the main issue being that I don’t own a console to play it on). It’s always been a puzzle to me why there have been so few (if any) U2 songs in the …

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Oct 12

Science Fiction or Fact?

Science Fiction came another step Closer to Science Fact today, as a teenager with an implant in his head (directly on his brain) was able to play Space Invaders by simply imagining the movements. Awesome…but also somewhat freaky. I’m imagining the implant from the matrix, though in a wireless world you surely wouldn’t need to …

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Oct 02

D3D10 (Direct3D 10), Vista & Videocards

Occasionally something sparks an interest in my mind, I end up reading a series of tangental articles and get up to my neck in technical details I don’t really care about. This adventure started with a friend informing me that his Dad had bought a slightly cheaper video card since he was “waiting for the …

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Oct 02

Company of Heroes: My Thoughts

On Thursday last week I finally completed, the mammoth download of the Company of Heroes demo. On Friday I was ‘working from home’ and ‘in between’ ‘work’ I played through the tutorials and single player campaign of the demo. Now, I’m not going to do a full review, since these sort of reviews are somewhat …

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Sep 06

Unreal 2007 & Battlefield 2142 New Zealand Release Dates

I was checking out the new trailer for Unreal 2007 just before, and decided to check release dates for my next two FPS purchases. Unreal Tournament 2007 gpstore is saying 2nd March (damn that’s a long time away) for Unreal 2007. At least it gives me time to try and decide if I’m chucking some …

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Mar 29

Windows Vista for Gaming

While the reviews of Vista’s increased functionality have been vaguely interesting, the talk hasn’t exactly been gripping for gamers, until now. How do the words six to eight times the graphics performance make you feel? Before I go into this too much, I should add the caveat that this information is from gamespot and while …

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