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Jan 16

Sony Music Unlimited Review

I’m about 1/3rd through a two month trial of Music Unlimited but like many trials, I’ve already made a decision about what I’ll be doing at the end of the trial. Pro’s: – Affordable (NZ$15/month), essentially the cost of one digital album if bought on itunes. – Great audio quality – Songs are quick to load (i.e. …

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Sep 02

Playstation Plus September Update Missing

It’s being heavily commented, but this month’s transition to September PS+ content in the PAL countries is a bit of a shambles. I myself have experienced the missing content. At the moment, what you have to do is to find each individual game in the store and download it from there. For Sam & Max, …

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Aug 12

Playstation Plus Month 3 Content

So, I’m actually really enjoying my Playstation Plus subscription. I suppose you’re pretty much in bonus territory when you sign up for the two games you get in month 1. The content for month 3 (1 September to 30th September 2010) has been announced. Games Sam and Max: Devil’s Playground (entire season) Vector Tower Defense …

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May 12

Telecom XT vs Vodafone Competition Starting Already

I saw a google advertisement this morning on one of my favorite technology blogs for 100mb monthly data allowance on prepay for $10 from Vodafone. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. For those of you with data capable phones, you’ll be aware that Vodafone put in a great offer on prepay for 10mb …

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Dec 17

Gripshift Coming to PS3

In huge news for New Zealand developer Sidhe Interactive (pronounced “she” interactive), Gripshift, their original IP game for the PSP is going to be available on the PS3 through the Playstation Online network. The game received mixed reviews, but was reasonably high profile for an original game from a small kiwi outfit. They’ve also made …

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Nov 29

PS3’s Arriving in Tiny Shipments

Following the interesting launch of the PS3, in which all available quantities easily sold out, replenishment shipments are trickling in. Data is very hard to come by on the replenishment shipments, as Sony seems to be short-shipping (shipping less than what suppliers have requested) as the PS3’s can be produced. An article from Kotaku a …

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