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Jun 29

Cobra 700af on Canon 400d

Our family and friends will have to excuse me again for a second while I make a post for the “internet”. [This post probably also applied to getting the Cobra 700af flash to work on the earlier and later models such as the 350d, and 450d as well as the American models such as rebel, …

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Apr 10


Our blog was hacked (probably by a tool, not a person) today. Not cool, not cool at all [looks over his shoulder]. Edit: The fix to this seems to be to update the wordpress tool used to run this site. This will involve some downtime, which may stretch to days if I can’t easily fix …

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Oct 16

Nvidia 8600GTS A Great Upgrade Choice

Ok, family and friends who only read this blog for travel updates, please excuse me while I talk a little bit about my newest tech purchase, an XFX 8600GTS Graphics Card. Update – 8th Nov – You may want to consider the 8800GT as an upgrade instead of the 8600GTS.  I’m still happy with my …

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Jun 09

It’s like seeing Windows for the first time

Every now and again, I hear about or see a technology and am left almost speechless.  If you have an interest in technology and haven’t heard about Microsoft Surface, you need to. I thought that the physical user interface in Minority Report was great, but after thinking about it, pretty impractical.  This is much more …

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Apr 14

8600GT, 8600GTS and 8500GT available + UK prices

I’ve been keeping an eye out for the new series of cards from Nvidia. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 8600GT was available on Amazon.co.uk. The 8600GT comes in two sku’s, initially only available from XFX. One is the “XXX” model (£109.24) while the other is “non-XXX” (£97.98). I have no idea …

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Apr 02

8600GT Launch Delayed

One of the new pieces of technology I’m pretty excited about is the new range of video cards from Nvidia. These are cheaper versions of the barnstorming 8800 boards including; 8600GT, 8600GTS (aka Ultra) and 8500GT. They had been expected to launch on April 17th. However in news out from The Inquirer, the G84 and …

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