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Feb 17

Tragic Taranaki Road Fatality Statistics

Given it’s been almost two years since I last posted on this blog, it was always going to be something significant which got me back here. Unfortunately it was the news of a member of our community who had died this week in a vehicle accident. Since we moved to New Plymouth a few months …

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Aug 24

U2 Bringing ‘the Claw’ to Auckland in 2010

Update (17/11): Lots of people seem to be looking for the start times related to the U2 concerts.  Thanks to Maxx (public transport looks to be a great way to get to the concert) we have the details.  The gates open at 4:30pm, Jay-z will hit the stage at 7:30pm and U2 will rock the …

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Jul 03

U2 360 Stage

Something that really annoys me when I’m searching for something are sites that seem to have what I want but it turns out to be something else. Sadly, most of this site’s hits these days are pretty much what I’ve described above, so I’m going to correct one of the common mis-searches. At least 801 …

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Mar 31

The Auckland Super City

I know there will be many of our friends and family who are wondering about my thoughts on the proposed Super City and how it would affect me. The first thing I need to make clear is that everything expressed in this post are my personal opinions and in no way represent a comment from the …

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Mar 26

Bonus Decision Not Black & White

In a discussion about the AIG bonus issues with friends last night, I made a rather heated comment about my own bonus from my current employer.  I said that while some in the organisation were discussing refusing their bonuses, “there is no way in the world I would be refusing my bonus”. After the heat cooled …

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Jun 27

Free Sport Coverage for Expat Kiwis

Saturday afternoon presented me with an unexpected stressful decision. Listen and watch the America’s Cup 1st Race via americascupanywhere or listen to the commentary of All Blacks vs South Africa. I say this was unexpected because until I nosied around on Saturday, I was pretty confident I wouldn’t find voice commentary anywhere, given licensing is …

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