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Name: Pete Corin
Date registered: February 23, 2006
URL: http://www.peteandmegan.com

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Feb 17

Tragic Taranaki Road Fatality Statistics

Given it’s been almost two years since I last posted on this blog, it was always going to be something significant which got me back here. Unfortunately it was the news of a member of our community who had died this week in a vehicle accident. Since we moved to New Plymouth a few months …

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May 11

Twin Coast Cycle Trail Review

It’s a very unfamiliar thing to be here writing a blog post. These days, between facebook updates and an occasional tweet, I don’t feel the need to write many blogs to express myself or update people on what I’ve been up to. But occasionally, I have something to say that I believe google needs to …

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Mar 15

Weekend in Tongariro

Megan and I had a great weekend a few days ago. I wanted to capture the experience in a more permanent way than a Facebook status, and given we ditched our kids and left Auckland for the first time in 6 years, why not dig out this blog for a post! We left Auckland at …

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Mar 26

Colton Dixon – Love Has Come for Me

Colton Dixon’s debut album, ‘Messenger’ won’t be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ (it’s pretty “upbeat” (read: rocky)) but you have to love the depth of the lyrics of his songs. I really hope this is having a major impact on the millions of people around the world who saw him on American idol. I particularly love …

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Mar 17

Will the Next Generation of Kiwis Opt Out of Home Ownership?

Auckland Housing Prices (Average Selling Price)

I’ve been on a bit of financial planning binge over the last several months. This was prompted by a bunch of books I’ve been reading including the books from the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ series and a bunch of investment books (including shares, bonds and property). Meanwhile there has been a house price spike in …

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Oct 07

Virtual Savings Accounts by Kaha.biz

For a long time now I have been frustrated by the financial situation of wanting to have savings accounts so that I can keep my savings separate from my mortgage (e.g. saving for a holiday or a new gadget) but knowing that it’s a stupid thing to do financially since the interest rates are lower …

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