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Name: Pete Corin
Date registered: February 23, 2006
URL: http://www.peteandmegan.com

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  5. Virtual Savings Accounts by Kaha.biz — October 7, 2012

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May 11

Twin Coast Cycle Trail Review

It’s a very unfamiliar thing to be here writing a blog post. These days, between facebook updates and an occasional tweet, I don’t feel the need to write many blogs to express myself or update people on what I’ve been up to. But occasionally, I have something to say that I believe google needs to …

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Mar 15

Weekend in Tongariro

Megan and I had a great weekend a few days ago. I wanted to capture the experience in a more permanent way than a Facebook status, and given we ditched our kids and left Auckland for the first time in 6 years, why not dig out this blog for a post! We left Auckland at …

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Mar 26

Colton Dixon – Love Has Come for Me

Colton Dixon’s debut album, ‘Messenger’ won’t be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ (it’s pretty “upbeat” (read: rocky)) but you have to love the depth of the lyrics of his songs. I really hope this is having a major impact on the millions of people around the world who saw him on American idol. I particularly love …

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Mar 17

Will the Next Generation of Kiwis Opt Out of Home Ownership?

Auckland Housing Prices (Average Selling Price)

I’ve been on a bit of financial planning binge over the last several months. This was prompted by a bunch of books I’ve been reading including the books from the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘ series and a bunch of investment books (including shares, bonds and property). Meanwhile there has been a house price spike in …

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Oct 07

Virtual Savings Accounts by Kaha.biz

For a long time now I have been frustrated by the financial situation of wanting to have savings accounts so that I can keep my savings separate from my mortgage (e.g. saving for a holiday or a new gadget) but knowing that it’s a stupid thing to do financially since the interest rates are lower …

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Aug 01

Windows Phone Calendar Items Disappearing

There seems to seems to be a fault with the windows phone platform affecting a wide group of it’s users wherein in the last couple of days (most users report on 31st July) their calendars are not syncing between windows live and WP7. The primary thread on the microsoft site seems to be this one: …

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