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Oct 07

Virtual Savings Accounts by Kaha.biz

For a long time now I have been frustrated by the financial situation of wanting to have savings accounts so that I can keep my savings separate from my mortgage (e.g. saving for a holiday or a new gadget) but knowing that it’s a stupid thing to do financially since the interest rates are lower …

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Aug 01

Windows Phone Calendar Items Disappearing

There seems to seems to be a fault with the windows phone platform affecting a wide group of it’s users wherein in the last couple of days (most users report on 31st July) their calendars are not syncing between windows live and WP7. The primary thread on the microsoft site seems to be this one: …

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Jan 10

Blackhole Trojan ‘hopefully’ Gone

Firstly, I’ll start by apologising to anyone who visited this site over the past year or more since it was infected by a trojan/virus.  Hopefully you were sensible and had adequate anti-virus protection and were not infected. I thought I’d better give an explanation for why the site had been down for several days… A …

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Sep 30

New Tech Projects

I’m kicking off a couple of ‘hands on’ IT projects over the next few weeks. Numero Uno will be to upgrade my PS3 Hard Drive from it’s stock 40GB drive to a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB drive.  That should give me plenty of space for all those PSN downloads and Guitar Hero songs and improve …

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Sep 12

Setting for Virgin Mobile Data

Apologies again to the regular readers of this site, but in the past I’ve blogged about the technical resolutions to many of the problems I’ve had and it’s turned out that many others have the same problem. We’re in Melbourne! I picked up a couple of Virgin Mobile Sim Cards with the plan of using …

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Jul 06

UC Browser Review

Skyfire (my previous browser of choice) killed off it’s services for New Zealand a few days ago, so I’ve been trialling UC Browser. So far I think it’ll fill my needs as a Windows Mobile alternate browser to IE.  For some people the lack of flash support will be a deal breaker, but I wasn’t …

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