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Jul 06

UC Browser Review

Skyfire (my previous browser of choice) killed off it’s services for New Zealand a few days ago, so I’ve been trialling UC Browser.

So far I think it’ll fill my needs as a Windows Mobile alternate browser to IE.  For some people the lack of flash support will be a deal breaker, but I wasn’t watching that many (if any) youtube videos in skyfire and the disappearance of the flash ads is kind of a silver lining.

I’ll keep adding things to the list below as I carry on using it and would be interested in what other people think and whether there are better options out there for Windows Mobile 6.0 users.

Things I Like:

– Multiple windows within the browser (and easily select between them)
– It’s fast and responsive (on my venerable HTC P3600i)
– It has adaptive and zoom browsing modes easily selectable
– Lot’s of features only a few clicks away
– Saves user names and passwords

Things I Don’t Like:

– No flash support
– Only two levels of zoom (in and out)
– Seems to sometimes not render pages properly (requires a refresh)

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