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Jul 16

Final Powershop Review – 1 Year On

Click the image below to receive $50 of free power when you sign up with Powershop, all I need is your name.

$50 of free power when you sign up to Powershop

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Well, the year has gone by pretty quickly since I started using Powershop.  I’m still as enthusiastic about Powershop and it’s savings as I was a year ago and to cut to the crux of the post, I have saved money.

Below are the numbers I used to produce the graph further down the page, the numbers in red I don’t have for Genesis as I didn’t spend an entire year with them before switching to Powershop, so I have estimated the amounts based on winter unit prices.

  January February March April May June July
Genesis 82.83 103.64 139.09 201.36 172.01 182.31 223.51
Powershop 127.99 144.19 131.3 133.69 140.66 148.19 154.8
  351 426 501 491 668 708 868
  August September October November December Total Annual Power Bill
Genesis 197.79 167.1175 121.74 78.95 131.21 1801.56  
Powershop 149.85 132.16 149.85 121.56 155.63 1689.87  

So, it’s all pretty simple really.  I had two goals, to reduce my overall spend on power.  In the last column of the data you can see that the total under Powershop was $111.69 less than under Genesis, so the first goal was achieved.

The second (and more important) goal for me was to level out my power bills.  The best way to see this is to look at the flatness of the pink line (Powershop) vs the blue line (Genesis).  This is a huge change and makes a real difference for managing our cash flow.  It’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t happen automatically, you have to monitor your monthly spend and buy the right mix of powerpacks to ensure you have extra power banked for the winter without overspending or having any of the power expire.

So, if you’re considering a move to Powershop, it’s my advice that you should stop thinking about it and do it.


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  1. Mal

    Thanks a ton mate, I was in a state of confusion to change to power shop or not, genesis are going to increse their power surcharge and your post on here helped too.

  2. Pete

    Hi Mal, I’m glad it was useful, sorry the graph isn’t here anymore, I lost it as part of a website migration.

    The costs at powershop have increased a bit over the last while so it’s always hard to keep up to date on how competitive they are in the market, but I still love the model and the ability to easily monitor and purchase however much power you actually want to.


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