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Sep 30

New Tech Projects

I’m kicking off a couple of ‘hands on’ IT projects over the next few weeks.

Numero Uno will be to upgrade my PS3 Hard Drive from it’s stock 40GB drive to a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB drive.  That should give me plenty of space for all those PSN downloads and Guitar Hero songs and improve the load times of games marginally.

The next and bigger task will be to build my much planned and debated super low power home server (should be about 25 watts).

It will feature an Intel D510MO passively cooled motherboard with an Intel Atom dual core processor.  A couple of GB of RAM and another 500GB Momentus drive.  Every component has been considered for it’s power draw, so it’s not top of the line in any aspect.  It will be connected to the tv (Samsung LCD) by VGA and to the Sony receiver by optical (due to the fact that the motherboard lacks HDMI).

I’m also buying a 1TB Seagate external hard drive as a backup solution, so we will finally have an offsite backup large and convenient enough to provide a complete backup of more than 150GB of video and photos (as well as the much easier to back up documents and emails).

There’s also a new guitar on the radar and some planned spending on the PlayStation Move, but that’s for another post…

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