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Aug 30

Free Music Downloads

No, this post isn’t an attempt to gain hits from those looking for free MP3 downloads. If we are to believe the news, free, legal music may soon be available to the world. I can see Steve Jobs quaking in his golden clogs. Universal is proposing allowing all of it’s songs to be freely downloadable, …

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Jun 16

Overflow – My Days Are Better Lyrics

Following success in predicting three of the most successful Christian songs in New Zealand in recent times, I have a new one. I turned on kduv today and was hit by Overflow – My Days Are Better. It sounds a little like a bigger version of Gavin Degraw. There are all the normal musical features, …

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Apr 02

NeedToBreathe (Daylight) – You Are Here Lyrics

I was listening to kduv the other day, and I heard this song by NeedToBreathe. I couldn’t help but think that it sounded incredibly like a song by New Zealand band Eight, especially the lead singer (Bruce Conlon). Below are the lyrics, courtesy of kduv. I could give just one more chance If I thought …

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Mar 17

‘Jessie Daniels – The Noise’ Lyrics

Another song I’m into is ‘The Noise’ by Jessie Daniels. This is a very upbeat song, which has been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours. There doesn’t appear to be any tab out there, but if I can get hold of a copy of the song, I might give it a go. …

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Mar 14

U2 to return in November

It’s being reported that U2 will return to Australia and New Zealand in November. This was confirmed by Bono in an interview with Andrew Denton, see below for the link to the video from closeup. This had been rumoured in the U2newzooland.com forums, so we should be safe. As far as I know, there’s no …

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Mar 10

Megan’s first post

Well… where do I start … I didn’t think that there were to many new things to do in life but you’re now experiencing the outworkings of one … my first internet post! I’m still not convinced that anyone is actually interested in anything that I have to write but I’m all up for trying …

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