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May 14

HP to Buy EDS?

Maybe I should change my name from Quentin to “Acquisition” as it looks like I’m in the middle of another of HP’s acquisitions, just on the other side of the fence this time.

After being a part of one of HP’s first IT Services acquisitions, CGNZ, I could now be interestingly affected by the possible purchase of EDS.

Having been burned in the past (ask me about that offline if you haven’t heard the story), this time I’m not going to make any crazy speculation on this blog.  However I’m sure employees of both companies and not just me are thinking of the ramifications.

For instance, as regular readers will know, I’m currently in the job market for New Zealand.  I’ve always wanted to work for EDS given they have an office five minutes from my house, but I’ve always been scared off by their poor reputation for employee happiness.  HP is a lot better in this area (but by no means perfect) so it could be a very interesting time to join EDS or HP in the Application Services area.

Breaking news: Done and dusted. Wow a very quick process.

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