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Sep 02

Partying it Up

I would like to apologise in advance for recording the events of last night which our friends may not want in the public arena, but it has to be recorded for posterity and to be read with mirth in twenty years time.

Last night we had our homegroup over for dinner and ‘hanging out’ (that seems like something teenagers do, not parents with kids…).

These days there are quite a few kids at these sorts of things and so there were three kids in Liv’s bedroom, all under two.  Needless to say, Liv was thrilled (as was Thomas, one of her friends).

Liv’s Parents (us): “Yeah, they were having a party in there.”

Thomas’s Parents: “Yeah, Thomas even took his pants off.”


All: Lols…

And just a word for Thomas, don’t expect me to be laughing in twenty years time.

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  1. Dale Campbell

    Lols indeed! classic. 🙂

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