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Jul 25

New Web Projects

There’s something more than a little wrong, when despite having quite a few regular readers, you write posts intended for none of them, but instead intended for a machine. The machine I refer to is named googlebot. Just by talking about it I may destroy the entire purpose of this post, but I feel myself …

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Nov 29

Lunarpages – The lowdown, five months on.

On the 8th August (if my billing records are to be believed) I signed up to be part of the Lunarpages web hosting family, and nearly five months on, I feel qualified to write a post about my experiences. Before I get too far into this post, I’m going to be completely up front. If …

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Aug 13

Happy in our new home

Well, it’s Sunday night NZ time, and peteandmegan.com and americascupmagazine.com are safe and sound on the new server. There have been a few trials during the move, but nothing major. The time spent waiting for DNS addresses to propagate was the biggest pain. You would have thought that there was a better system. There was …

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Feb 28

First real post

Hi everyone. Welcome to the all new peteandmegan.com. If you’re here, you’ve probably heard the sad news that nocents is eventually going offline. So this is where I’ll be blogging in the near future. I can’t guarantee frequency, but hopefully it will be a new beginning in terms of content and passion for blogging. I’ll …

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