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Mar 04

Cannot see workgroup and computers on network

It’s a rare week that passes without me thinking how wonderful the internet is. For a while I’ve been frustrated by my windows network. It’s a wireless network that is on 24/7. The desktop comes on during the day and sometimes I connect my laptop (when I want to do something in front of the tv).

Frustratingly, when I turn the laptop on and try to get files off the desktop, I’m unable to because I can’t see the workgroup that the desktop is in.

However after a few minutes of googling, I found the rather ridiculous advice of installing the IPX protocol.

I have found a solution that seems to defy all the knowledgebase promises but has worked on a number of occasions.
When all IP addresses and subnet masks have been checked and there is nothing else to do:
Make sure the protocol IPX is installed. I know, I know, TCP/IP should work but I have found that installing this in the Network Preferences suddenly makes computers active in Network Neighbourhood.
I used to use this fix with Win95 (IPX is old technology), and have since used it with everything up to and including XP and it works.
For some reason, having an underlying ‘other’ common language for networked windows boxes lets them use TCP/IP properly.
Worth a try…

It worked for me. Why? How? Who knows, thanks google.

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