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May 11

New Blog: Auckland2011

As regular readers will know by now, every now and again I decide to start a new blog or site on a whim.  Sometimes they turn out to be successful and sometimes they don’t. I’ve kicked off another one, and given that it has three posts, it’s already more likely to succeed than those failures …

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May 04

Rubgy Quotes

I have no idea where these came from (I got them just like this in an email forward) but they sound like things these people would say, especially the mexted-isms. ‘Nobody in Rugby should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.’ – Jono Gibbs – Chiefs ‘I’m going to graduate …

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May 12

Telecom XT vs Vodafone Competition Starting Already

I saw a google advertisement this morning on one of my favorite technology blogs for 100mb monthly data allowance on prepay for $10 from Vodafone. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. For those of you with data capable phones, you’ll be aware that Vodafone put in a great offer on prepay for 10mb …

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Apr 18

Rugby World Cup Video

It must be some sort of a roll, but I have another video for you.  Somewhat shorter this one features the video I took when we went to our two rugby world cup games in Edinburgh and Cardiff. It’s taken a while to get to the point where I felt like I could make and …

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Oct 10

A Black Night in Cardiff

It came to my attention just now that the last post from us was after the Scotland All Blacks game. Some will know that we went down to Cardiff for the All Blacks Quarter Final last weekend and most will know the result. I won’t go into it too much at this stage, but let’s …

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Sep 25

All Blacks 40 – 0 Scotland

Yesterday we were priveleged enough to join thousands of other kiwis in Edinburgh to watch the All Blacks embarass the Scots. We drove up nice and early (left Newcastle at about 11am for 4pm kickoff) and were glad we did, as traffic delays left us with only just enough time to grab some food, watch …

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