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May 12

Telecom XT vs Vodafone Competition Starting Already

I saw a google advertisement this morning on one of my favorite technology blogs for 100mb monthly data allowance on prepay for $10 from Vodafone. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. For those of you with data capable phones, you’ll be aware that Vodafone put in a great offer on prepay for 10mb …

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Jul 18

Around the world…in the last few weeks

So, some of you may have been wondering what we’ve been up to for the last few weeks. Well, for the most part, we’ve been working. Since that’s not particularly exciting, I’ll move on. We also went on a ‘flying’ visit back home to New Zealand for Amanda’s (Megan’s sister’s) wedding. So, apologies if you …

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May 02

(No title)

That’s right, it’s been a quiet week so far in the Corin household as I’m all by myself. However, before you all chime in with “I knew it had to happen eventually”, I should tell you that she’s just gone to the Lake District for a few days with our friend Amy from New Zealand. …

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Apr 04

Our Leaving Video

I am so far behind with the video editing (I’ll be recording our third video when we go to London this weekend) but we finally have our first video up for viewing. This one was kind of done as a bit of a diary for ourselves to remember what it was like in those last …

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Mar 25

Scenic Newcastle

View of the Millenium Bridge, Tyne Bridge & The Sage building.

Mar 12

Life In Newcastle

Well, tomorrow it will be two weeks since we arrived in Newcastle. People are wondering, with good reason, why they haven’t heard or read a bit more from us. Well, here’s my excuse. Somewhat inexplicably, an apartment that costs nearly NZ$1500 a week (don’t worry, we’re not paying) doesn’t have any internet access. What’s more, …

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