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Oct 10

Battlefield 2142 Demo – “contacting EA Master Server”

So, got the EA Battlefield 2142 demo on Monday and installed it. I managed to find a few minutes tonight to give it a go.

Run the demo, watch the cool video….”this is going to be awesome”.

“Create an account”, “ok, I suppose that’s reasonable.”

“contacting EA Master Server”

What the hell.

“contacting EA Master Server”

Dammit. Turn off anything using the internet.

“contacting EA Master Server”

I then turned to the web, having played 0 minutes of another wonderful EA product to find that there are two possible causes.

1. The servers are overloaded
2. The game can’t reach the internet through my network and ADSL router.

I don’t want to grace (1) with any sort of argument. EA is the biggest gaming company in the business, it has billions of dollars worth of hardware sitting around. I’d like to say that it is freakin’ unbelievable, but it is all too believable.

If (2) is true, then again I fail to be surprised. I think BF2 was released way too early, was too buggy and not a quality product. I predicted the same of 2142, and at the blimmin’ first screen the programming broke down.

My browser, email and hundreds of other programs (including BF2) manage to find the web, so there’s is no reason why this program shouldn’t.

All up, it doesn’t change anything. I wasn’t going to buy the game at launch and I’m still not.

EA, you employ some good people. Give them time and let them perform their jobs properly you tossers.

Update: Thanks to some of our commenters we have some information on the ongoing problems people are experiencing related to servers being taken offline for maintenance.  Browse down and read the comments for the full picture, but here’s the gist of it:

leo Says:
December 12th, 2006 at 11:56 pm e

Erm This is to prevent any confusion (needless posts) that may arise on Tuesdays relating to the EA Master Server.

9am and 11am GMT
4am and 6am East Coast USA
1am and 3am West Coast USA
5pm and 7pm Australia
EVERY Tuesday

***** What does this mean to me: The BF2142 gamer? *****

– Basically you can’t connect to BF2142 to play online games.
– If you’re on a server at the time that maintenance is scheduled then you will recieve a “Connection to EA Master Server lost” message.
– Any stats/awards gained in a round prior to the disconnect will be lost. You’ll have to go earn them again.

Extracted from (http://forums.bf2s.com/viewtopic.php?id=52141)


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  1. Nate

    This whole “contacting EA Server” is BS. They should at least let you play the game offline. I had the same sort of problem with 2K9. I know 2K9 is made by a different company, but why do they make games that have to connect to the internet to work, especially when you do connect to the internet and it still doesn’t work. Like I said this is BS. The only computer gaming company I still respect is Creative Assembly, hopefully there next game doesn’t pull any crap like these other companies

  2. Anexemines

    I just bought Crysis: Warhead on disc and I can’t connect to the freakin game. I can’t even connect to EA.com or any other of their sites!!! WTF?! This is like day 14 too after sending an email to secuROM or something. Uhg… Waste of money.

  3. Oren

    shit i’ve been trying to create a new account in BF 2142 deluxe for 2 days now, every 20 minutes. well guess what? it’s saying the same old bullshit about “server timed out, please try again in a diffrent time”. when the hell is “a diffrent time”??? when i’m dead??? i want some help about this! and leo dont post that stupid “maintenance times” chart anymore! it has nothing to do with it. AND when i’m using my existing account it says “this account is registered with another CD key” or something. so my request is pretty simple: PLEASE GIVE ME A TRUE WORKING STEP-BY-STEP EXPLAINATION ABOUT HOW EXACTLY TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT, ACTIVATE THE BOOSTER PACK, AND START PLAYING!

  4. onegative

    play bf2142 demo for long time. worked fine. now no servers listed on any computer in the home. checked server site. saw players on line playing. must be my computer/router.
    no help or similar complaints?

  5. AUS gamer

    Look, this maintenance may be ok for all u guys in the US but here in Australia its a real pain in the @$$. Tuesday is like the only day when i get a lull in my homework volume and I get home (5pm) eat then hop on the computer expecting a nice relaxing few hrs on bf2142 and BAM contacting EA master server…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………and wtf. No connection, then i read this. for these precious hrs (which are basically my only hrs on this game until the weekend) ea is doing some “backing up” which could be done with the servers up. EA, with all their equipment, techies and money cant backup a system without taking it offline. Sureley somewhere in that vast sea of green notes is the potential to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  6. kalyan

    i didn’t know my account

  7. Ali

    this is BS. I wanted to play a relaxing game of battlefield…Contacting EA master server…
    WTF. why…
    if any body has fixed it, please share.

  8. Jerry

    Goto Battlefield2142.co for all the information you need to play .

    We have a complete community game fix up and running. There is also a public teamspeak for help. Dethklokclan.enjinvoice.com


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