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Jan 16

San Andreas: not a review

As promised, today I’m going to share my thoughts on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However it’s not going to be a review. If you want a review, try here or here or here or perhaps here.

What a game. Sitting here thinking back, I just wish it wasn’t over. It’s not like I wanted the game to go on and on like I did with some of Wilbur Smith’s novels, but the desire to leave work early, or not go to bed (an extreme step for me) just so that I could play a few missions of San Andreas proved this game was a powerful drug.

I waited a long time to play San Andreas. I played GTA 1, 2 and 3. However by the time San Andreas came out, I was a legal games buyer, and the normally hefty price tag was a retardant.

I have to say that playing games long after their release has it’s benefits. You get a much cheaper game, and you also, by this point have a computer that is far more powerful that what the game was designed for.

i actually wondered if I’d made a mistake when I first started playing however, as for quite a long time, I found the “floating camera” view very hard to control. At first driving was a write-off because as soon as I turned a corner, I couldn’t move the mouse accurately enough to see where I was going. However I soon mastered this, and by the time I got to missions that required tight camera control, it had long since been sorted.

I’m selling the game ($35 if anyone I know wants it) since I’m unlikely to play it any more, but I honestly believe that every gamer should play this game. That is, if you’re over 18.

It is absolutely wonderful. GTA IV is scheduled to hit the PS3 in October 2007. Many are saying this won’t happen (in time) and many others are saying that it won’t stay exclusive to the PS3. If it does release initially just for the PS3, I’d be betting money on it being available for the PC and other platforms in the following months. That’s pretty exciting, but given it could be more than a year away, and that it’ll be another 18 months after that before my wallet can pay for it, I won’t start holding my breath.

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