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Aug 01

Windows Phone Calendar Items Disappearing

There seems to seems to be a fault with the windows phone platform affecting a wide group of it’s users wherein in the last couple of days (most users report on 31st July) their calendars are not syncing between windows live and WP7.

The primary thread on the microsoft site seems to be this one:


If you’re being impacted, hit that page an press the “me too” button on the top right.

That thread also highlights some suspicious product launches that may have caused the issue, but it’s all speculation at the moment.

Apparently the only fix at the moment is to hard reset. When I better solution is found, I’ll post it here.

Jan 16

Sony Music Unlimited Review

I’m about 1/3rd through a two month trial of Music Unlimited but like many trials, I’ve already made a decision about what I’ll be doing at the end of the trial.

Music Unlimited LogoPro’s:
– Affordable (NZ$15/month), essentially the cost of one digital album if bought on itunes.
– Great audio quality
– Songs are quick to load (i.e. not much delay between tracks or when selecting a new song)
– Huge catalogue
– Nice web interface

– Not available for Windows Phone
– Very slow to load on PS3
– Clunky interface on PS3
– Seemingly a resource hog on PS3, since you can’t do anything (e.g. look at pictures or surf internet) when Music Unlimited is running.

So I guess the good news for Sony is that the fundamental elements of Music Unlimited are solid.  But it’s all the usability aspects that are not up to spec.  So I won’t be using it.  However there are just two things which would make me change my mind.

(1) Improve the software performance on PS3 to load faster, have better UI and operate in the background while viewing photos (as normal music does on the platform)
(2) Develop a Windows Phone App which allows songs to be stored on the device (i.e. so that they’re not downloaded over the data network)

So Sony, great job on this product, complete the items above and offer me another trial.  In the meantime I’m going to check out the Zune Pass.

Jan 10

Blackhole Trojan ‘hopefully’ Gone

Firstly, I’ll start by apologising to anyone who visited this site over the past year or more since it was infected by a trojan/virus.  Hopefully you were sensible and had adequate anti-virus protection and were not infected.

I thought I’d better give an explanation for why the site had been down for several days…

A couple of weeks ago when I was home alone for a few days (I called it ‘bachelorfest 2011’ but that’s another story) I spent many hours trying to remove the trojan without wiping out a lot of work on my wordpress blogs.  It didn’t work, because when I came back on Sunday, the site was infected again.

I was faced with a decision, close down the site or just delete everything and build again from the ground up.  Obviously I’ve taken the decision to do the latter.

So I’ve finally got the site live, but there will be content that I’ve lost (such as the images in the post below until I re-upload them).  I’m not going to do too much work on the site for a few days (such as a new theme, adsense integration etc) until I get confident that the virus is gone for good.

If you ever come across anything like that on this site again, leave a comment and I’ll look into it.

Feb 25

Corin’s Roadtrip, final day – Whakamaru

Megan told Liv before that this was Daddy’s favorite place. I never realised but I think it is. I went for a 7:30am swim and Meg and Liv had a paddle.

Feb 22

Corin’s Roadtrip: Day 2 – Motueka

It’s 3:45pm and we ‘re sitting at our campsite at top10 holiday park. We’ve got the best site in the park (at least from Liv’s point of view which funnily enough, often coincides with ours).

We flew down to Christchurch on Jetstar on Monday morning (great experience) but had to wait for a couple of hours at Maui before picking up our camper van. For those not in the know, we’ve got a special relocation deal to take the van back to Auckland in 5 days for $5 per day. Megan checked, the same trip if you chose to do it would cost $2000.

Once we got the van we went to visit a relative of Meg’s and then drove north. We stopped for dinner and then drove until we were too tired and stopped at a DOC campsite.

Today we drove pretty much straight to Motueka with a brief stop at an animal petting farm and had lunch. At this point we got some frantic calls from our friends and family who knew about our trip. They were relieved to hear we were well out of harms way but our thoughts are all for those in Christchurch. When we got to the holiday park there was a man leaving to go back to Christchurch who had not been able to get old of his family.

Keep an eye on the twitter feed for more updates: Pete’s Twitter

Jan 01

Gran Turismo Spec B, Made for Dad’s

At the moment the very early hours of the new year (3am) find me playing Gran Turismo.

It’s a great game, the graphics are awesome, the physics feel realistic and there’s an insane amount of content, but what I really want to talk about is Spec B which I’m ‘playing’ at the moment.

For those who haven’t played it, it’s a mode for GT5 where you manage a team of drivers, developing their skills and experience over time by going through races and giving them instructions, essentially like a formula 1 team boss.

The brilliant thing for me is that you only need to push one button at a time, and only then occasionally (and on some races you can get away with none at all).

The other thing that’s been going on in my life is the recent birth of my second daughter. So I’ve found myself spending many hours holding my daughter (often as now in the middle of the night) and with little else to do. So spec b has been great.

But playing Spec B hasn’t been limited to when I’ve been holding Nat. I’ve also played while changing nappies, giving feeds, looking afte my other daughter, reading stories etc etc. So hence my conclusion that this mode was created exclusively for us young dads.

Take note other developers!

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