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Dec 03

A New Addition

Apologies for those who missed out on last night’s email, here’s the gist:

As you may have guessed from the subject, we’ve got a new member of our family, Natalie Jane Corin, born this afternoon after a six and a half hour labour (not counting the two weeks spent in the hospital beforehand).  She weighed 2.135kg (google tells me that’s 4.7 pounds).  She was born at about 36.5 weeks, so it is not surprising that she’s on the small side, but she’s healthy and we’re sure she’ll do well.  Megan is doing well also and we expect that both will not spend long in hospital.

Visiting is quite limited as Nat is in the special care baby unit at North Shore Hospital.  So probably best to give us a few days and arrange to visit at home.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=248483&id=659092856&l=c9027eab4b

Everyone Else: http://www.peteandmegan.com/plogger/index.php?level=album&id=14

Oct 02

Sony Playstation Move AU/NZ Shortage Confirmed

I was hoping to pick up a Playstation Move Starter Pack last week, but to no avail, turns out everyone is sold out.

I sent a frustrated tweet to Sony and got this reply:

@petecorin PlayStation Aus & NZ wide has a shortage. We’re in the same boat in that SCE cannot supply our backorders either.

So, we still have no idea whether this was an ‘engineered’ shortage (to try and create the same market conditions as with the Wii) or whether they really underestimated the demand for this.  Also no idea when stores might be getting more stock, but some seem to think that Monday (4/10) might be the day.

Here’s hoping.

Sep 30

New Tech Projects

I’m kicking off a couple of ‘hands on’ IT projects over the next few weeks.

Numero Uno will be to upgrade my PS3 Hard Drive from it’s stock 40GB drive to a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB drive.  That should give me plenty of space for all those PSN downloads and Guitar Hero songs and improve the load times of games marginally.

The next and bigger task will be to build my much planned and debated super low power home server (should be about 25 watts).

It will feature an Intel D510MO passively cooled motherboard with an Intel Atom dual core processor.  A couple of GB of RAM and another 500GB Momentus drive.  Every component has been considered for it’s power draw, so it’s not top of the line in any aspect.  It will be connected to the tv (Samsung LCD) by VGA and to the Sony receiver by optical (due to the fact that the motherboard lacks HDMI).

I’m also buying a 1TB Seagate external hard drive as a backup solution, so we will finally have an offsite backup large and convenient enough to provide a complete backup of more than 150GB of video and photos (as well as the much easier to back up documents and emails).

There’s also a new guitar on the radar and some planned spending on the PlayStation Move, but that’s for another post…

Sep 12

Setting for Virgin Mobile Data

Apologies again to the regular readers of this site, but in the past I’ve blogged about the technical resolutions to many of the problems I’ve had and it’s turned out that many others have the same problem.

We’re in Melbourne! I picked up a couple of Virgin Mobile Sim Cards with the plan of using my phone for data.

However I had massive headaches until I found a site that finally gave me the very simple settings I needed to make my mobile data work (this is on an HTC P3600i (Trinity):

Name: VirginInternet
Modem: Cellular Line…
Access Point Name: VirginInternet
The ‘This network connects to the Internet’ checkbox in ‘Proxy Settings’ needs to be checked.

I think the Access Point Name was what was getting me off the track.  Hopefully you should now be up and running.

Keep an eye on twitter for some travel updates.

Sep 07

Auckland Local Elections: My Voting Options

6th October 2010 – Vote Today!  Today is the last day to send back your voting papers.  Most mailboxes (in my experience) are cleared by 5pm, so make sure you get them in before then.

There also turns out to be some other voting options, you can deliver your papers in person to:

The Electoral Office Level 8, 92 Albert Street, Auckland
Franklin District Council 82 Manukau Road, Pukekohe
Manukau City Council 31-33 Wiri Station Road, Manukau
North Shore City Council Level 3, 1 The Strand, Takapuna
Papakura District Council 35 Coles Crescent, Papakura
Rodney District Council Centreway Road, Orewa
Waitakere City Council 6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson

Or on the day (Saturday) you can hand in your papers to the public libraries.  So no excuses.

— x —

I’m going to take a moment to be particularly geo/ego-centric and talk about my voting options in the upcoming local body elections in Auckland (9th October).

I live in Hillcrest, North Shore.  This puts me in the North Shore Ward and the Kaipatiki Local Board.  (To find this information for yourself, hit this page (if you live in an ‘a’ house (or ‘ b’ or ‘c’) then you will need to start your address with a number e.g. 2 41 Smith’s Street)).

North Shore Ward

The candidates for the North Shore Ward are (two will be elected):

Steve Ashby (no web presence)
Mary-Anne Benson-Cooper (no web presence)
Joel Cayford (North Shore & ARC Councillor, described below)
Chris Darby (North Shore City Councillor, Standing for ShoreVoice)
Harry Fong (no web presence)
Grant Gillon (Councillor, MP etc, has a strong web presence but a horrible website)
Ann Hartley (ex Mayor, ex Labour MP)
Vivienne Keohane (Councillor. Says “I oppose Grandiose plans for Auckland.  I support another Harbour Crossing…” something comes to mind about cake and eating it.)
Ken McKay (no web presence)
Jan O’Connor (current Councillor, is listed on google as an Andrew Williams supporter…)
Christine Rankin (Is arguably the most famous of these names, but struggles to get her policies up front (in fact I couldn’t find a site for her campaign)
George Wood (ex-Mayor of North Shore)

As I typed that list out, I was surprised by the number of strong candidates.  In fact, one could argue, that it’s a stronger list than the mayoral list.

I’m not really supposed to express any favouritism towards any candidates, but I feel so strongly towards one of them, Joel Cayford that I can’t help it.  In my penultimate year at school (6th form certificate at the time) I had to do a geography project on the topic of the North Shore Wastewater Treatment system.  I was supposed to interview someone, but instead I emailed a list of questions to Joel who was a North Shore City Councillor at the time.  To my surprise he responded in detail and I was able to use the material successfully in my project.  That’s the sort of thing that tells you a lot about a person and he’ll have my vote whenever he wants it in the future.

There are a bunch of other big names in there; Ann Hartley (ex-Labour MP and North Shore Mayor), Christine Rankin and George Wood (another ex North Shore Mayor).

Kaipatiki Local Board

These are the candidates for my local board (eight will be elected):

Alan Spilhaus
Vivienne Keohane
Steve Ashby
Harry Fong
Grant Gillon
Ann Hartley
Martin Lawes
David Thornton
Gary Thornton
Jennifer Yorke
John Gillon
Keith Salmon
Lindsay Waugh
Chris Marshall
Nigel Armstrong
Trevor Courtier
James Doleman
Richard Hills
Barry Holton
Nick Kearney
Chris Waterman

Again, this looks like a strong list, with a bit of spillover from the list above.  Some names certainly jump out at me, but you might have to talk to me offline to get my views on who to vote for.

Sep 02

Playstation Plus September Update Missing

It’s being heavily commented, but this month’s transition to September PS+ content in the PAL countries is a bit of a shambles.

I myself have experienced the missing content.

At the moment, what you have to do is to find each individual game in the store and download it from there.

For Sam & Max, you have to get the trial from the demo’s section for Episode 1 and Episode 5 from the ‘latest’ section as well as all the episodes 2-4 and the unlock from the game’s own section.

Hopefully they get this sorted soon and remove the need for this workaround.

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